Koov is a very simple WIRELESS panic-alarm system (not a burglar alarm system). The system includes THREE panic alarm buttons fitted around the home (and/or carried). It costs just £199.00 including free delivery. We can install it for you for just £99.00


Upon activation by the user, the external siren sounds for 3 minutes (enough to make intruders flee, but without being annoying to neighbours). It is ideal for elderly or vulnerable people to alert neighbours in the event of an intruder, or if they need urgent help.


It’s solar powered, so it’s unaffected should the power fail or be cut (unlike some ‘elderly alert’ systems). For an extra charge, it can also contact a mobile phone. A 24-hour, 365-day physical response and phone service is also available.  We can also offer a maintenance service for just £36.50 a year (just 10p a day!)


If you are a home owner, and you would like to talk to your relatives before having this system installed, we would prefer that!  In any event, we will not install your system until you have thought about it for 14 days.  You are not charged a penny until your system is fully installed and working.  At no time will we call on you without prior appointment.  If you prefer, ask a relative to phone us.


An additional £100 buys you mobile phone contact upon activation.



Why is Koov better than ‘elderly alert systems’?



1.  Typical units require mains supply. Koov uses solar power, so it’s not affected by domestic batteries, mains power-cuts, or if someone purposefully cuts the power.

2.  Koov sounds a siren to the exterior of the property. Other alert systems do not.

3.  With Koov’s Physical Response Service, we’ll send someone to the property to check it’s ok.



See our Safe & Sound photo-electric perimeter detection system


Just £199.00 plus optional installation of £99.00



Support Programmes...



Physical response service (09.00 – 17.00) - £74.00 a year* - Why would I want this?

During normal working hours, we would come to you should a siren be sounding – to check everything is ok.


Physical response service (24 hour) - £148.00 a year* -  Why would I want this?

During out of normal working hours, we would come to you should a siren be sounding – to check everything is ok.


Maintenance service call - £36.50 a year - Why would I want this?

We test the system every year to ensure it all works as normal, and we test all the batteries and replace them if necessary free of charge.


Full support service - £250.00 a year - Why would I want this?

You are fully protected – 24-hour physical response service, and maintenance service calls.


*Conditions apply on number of call-outs in a year


Please note that we operate in and around the Reading, Berkshire area for installation and service. But if you want to purchase one of our systems to install yourself (really easy)...



Basic system with siren, remote control, and three panic buttons - £199.00

Additional panic buttons - £29.00 each

Wristwatch panic button - £29.00

Basic system with siren, remote control, three panic buttons, and mobile phone unit - £299.00


All prices include delivery.

Basic systems are preset, so all you have to do is fit the siren to the wall outside, and you’re good to go! Contact us on info@tebe.co.uk and we’ll send you a system.


Need us to install it for you? It’s just £99.00

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Tel. 0770 231 6157 (mobile phone rates apply)

You can email us if you prefer - info@tebe.co.uk





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